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February 18, 2003 (Tuesday) 2:50 P.M. CT.

Anyone see these crappy T-Mobile commercials with the whiny ass Catherine Zeta Jones (she says this UK magazine ruined her wedding because they invaded her and her weirdo old man husband's privacy, yet they had contracts with another newspaper to sell the photos?) Anyhow...she's on these T-Mobile commercials and some guy is singing that Def Leppard song, and he thinks instead of "pour some sugar on me," it's "pour some shook up ramen" or something like, Catherine says a quick call to the library might help. Okay, first off- how on earth does this make me want to buy a T-Mobile phone? Secondly, if you can't tell they're saying "pour some sugar on me," you're too stupid to have a cellular phone in the first place! Heck, you're too stupid to drive the car you use the cell phone in if you can't hear that!

Next...I saw some report on 20/20 about how people are so obsessed with diamonds, and most people think they're rare, yet debeers, the south african based diamond company has large quantities of dimaonds in bank vaults around the globe, making diamond prices surge. They talked about how people have been fooled into thinking diamonds are rare due in large part to debeers marketing campaign that goes all the way back to the mid 1970's. They went to the mall with two was worth a dollar and the other was worth $10, 000. No one could guess which one was which...and the women said that even tho they were identical, they wouldn't want the fake one. Again, goes to show you how women think. No offense to you ladies, but come on- the whole diamond thing is stupid to begin with, and when you have all these women saying they would never have the fake diamond that they can't even distinguish from the real one, it adds another layer of stupidity.

Someone sent me E- Mail saying I was an idiot and that I needed to work on my grammar. Funny thing is, anyone knows the last thing that is lacking here is grammar skills. Another person sent me a picture they took of my site with a penis drawn on the side, and it was peeing on my head. No message with the photo...creepy, creepy people with way too much time and boredom!

February 18, 2003 (Tuesday) 12:50 P.M. CT.

I forgot to mention. I updated the layout of the Home Movies Page. I like it. I want to add a bunch of content now, so I can have the best Home Movies Page on the web! I'm so nifty, I know.


February 18, 2003 (Tuesday) 12:35 P.M. CT.

I see that they are searching Scott Petersen's house today. They served him with a search warrant, and the reports say the police have new leads. Hopefully that's true, so we can put Scott in prison and get it over with. I think it's funny how the lady Scott had an affair with says she never knew he was married. You're telling me she dated a guy and never realized he was married? She didn't find it odd that she couldn't call her boyfriend, that he couldn't see her certain days of the week, certain times of day, all of the stuff that had to be taking place with a married man hiding his affair? She's full of it, I can say that with all certainty. She's just as bad as he is if you ask me.

By the way...I saw the very last part of that gay Joe Millionaire show. Fox claimed we would all be shocked by a second twist to the finale...yet, all they did was give him a million dollars. Wow! What a shock...I could have NEVER guessed that was coming! Golly!! They touted such a crappy program way too much. I was watching the real world/ road rules challenge show last night- it's nearly as lame, but seeing these adults act like children is funny. I mean, come on people, it's a game! You really got to see how terrible women can be...the guys kick off the last place guy in points...the girls kicked off the girl who was 4th from last...they left the last place girl, and the girl before her who has a sprained ankle, and a bad attitude if you ask me, yet they booted of Rachel because they don't like her. That Ellen girl is a whiny ass bitch. Funny how she started crying after everyone started yelling at her and the others...she was saying that she feel as tho she got played, then tried to turn it around on the Emily girl, and say it was her fault. Hey, Ellen, you're an ass. I've seen grade school kids act more mature.

Nice- they just reported that Scott was taken to the police station, and he's been there for 3 hours. Good. Hey buddy, you can't usually get away with murder! Ha. Oh, by the way- I like Judge Napolitano (I think that's how you spell it?) He's on Fox News as a legal contributor, and he used to be on that cool court show, Power of Attorney. That was a great show, but it showed you how crappy some of the big name lawyers are (Jeffrey Feiger is a terrible lawyer!)

February 17, 2003 (Monday) 12:54 P.M. CT.

I forgot to mention Haloscan comments haven't worked for the past few days. I'm going to try to install these other comments that I can host myself. I also had to mention that Dr. Pepper Red Fusion isn't too bad. The Super K- Mart is closing here, and they didn't have anything but Red Fusion and that nasty Mt. Dew Code Red stuff, which I cannot stand.

February 17, 2003 (Monday) 12:04 P.M. CT.

I'm supposed to watch ABC Family tonight from 6:30-10:00 to finish the second part of a survey for a panel I'm on. I have joined a million survey sites where you do surveys online, on paper, and a couple of times they even called me. Most of the sites, you just get points you can redeem for stuff or prize entries...but, some of the sites pay you for each survey, or pay you for certain surveys. I should be getting $30 any day for a soft drink survey I did. One time, they sent me a new product (some air freshener can) that we tested before they released the product for sale. Then, a few other times I got gift certificates. Anyhow, like I said, I have to watch ABC Family tonight...I just looked, and the following shows are on: Bachelorette, My Life is a Sitcom, Last Resort, Bachelorette (again?!), and two episodes of Who's Line is it Anyway. Guess what show I will NOT be watching? The Bachelorette, yes indeed, I will be skipping that garbage. The next two shows I have never seen, but it's only an hour total, and Who's Line Is It is a great show, tho I don't regularly watch it- I do watch the british version on Comedy Central a lot.

I saw an article in Parade yesterday about the world's ten worst living dictators. I will probably post about it later. 21 people died in a "stampede" at some Chicago nightclub? Umm, okay? Can someone say retarded? How on earth does that happen? I have no idea. It's all snowy here. Fun. I haven't been out in it, so I don't mind. Just as long as the electricity doesn't suddenly go out for no reason. I need to add Michelle Malkin to the beautiful women page. And...I have two more movie reviews to add later today.

Finally- everyone should download the song "Mayor Of Simpleton" by XTC. It's 80's music...I like it a lot. That and "Wot's It To Ya" by Robbie Nevil.

February 14, 2003 (Friday) 9:14 A.M. CT.

Yet MORE evidence on Iraq and its lies.

Now...please, please, please- look at all of this new evidence and the past evidence and TRY to tell me "let the inspections work." You can't? Didn't think so. Guess what? If you don't think military action is the right way to go- you're part of a 13% minority in the U.S. Thank God there aren't many of you out there! We'd all be dead if we had to wait till you guys got on board!

February 13, 2003 (Thursday) 6:05 A.M. CT.

Brian on Fox and Friends was shooting an M4, which they said was somewhat like an M16. A modified version or something? Who knows. Anyhow, the army guy was telling Brian about how they would set his zero on the rifle, and it would hit the mark everytime. I just thought it was cool, because I know a little about zero (which has to do with the rifle and the sight) from the set of computer games, Swat and from the book Cold Zero by, oh what's his name...Christopher something. I'll look it up in a bit. I read that book, and I was all thinking- it'd be cool to be a sniper for the FBI. Don't ask me why I think that. I'm a wuss, I don't like to get all dirty and stuff- and in that book, the guy talks about how you have to lie in one position for days sometimes...covered with mud and brush, soaking wet- sounds like hell to me! Still, sounds cool anyhow.

Oh, Sean Penn is suing some producer for $10 million, because he says the Bing guy won't hire him, because he went to Iraq (Penn is a clueless fool who was completely used by the Iraqi government.) More Hollywood idiots are speaking out too, saying Iraq is not a threat to anyone...and Tariq Aziz (who claims to be a Christian! LOL!) said President Bush is just like Hitler. So, so funny.

Alright. Well, I have to drive someone somewhere now.

February 12, 2003 (Wednesday) 9:25 A.M. CT.

MTV: Ja Rule (nice name) talks about how his girl wants him to be less "street." Trashy skanks sit on a bed and one girl yells out "fellatio," then something about so and so letters, "69 points!" Ashanti walks out in leather with her tits hanging out. This is what is sold to our children in 2003. Don't forget, these people belong to a group who calls themselves "Murder Inc." Want to see more of the trash that is peddled to kids?

Click here for more scumbag lyrics from Ja Rule

This guy and people like him make me sick, and hopefully, people will wise up and stop making these scumbags rich off their trash.

February 12, 2003 (Wednesday) 9:25 A.M. CT.

First off today. Well, this morning, I should say, since I will probably post again. Like all my commas? I do. Danny Glover calls President Bush a racist, because he was governor of Texas, and Texas put to death more people than in any other state. Glover is clearly an idiot, because he seems to think Bush was not only the governor, but also the the police, the judge, the attorneys, the jury, plus all of these people again in the many appeals you get on death row. Maybe Glover really thinks the governor takes on all those roles? I personally think we should make murderers and rapists work all their lives. Hard labor with very little food and no leisure time. But- that doesn't make Bush a bad surely doesn't make him a racist. Tip to those in Hollywood- keep your ignorant mouths shut. I will no longer see any movie starring Danny Glover (good luck finding a movie starring Danny Glover in the first place!), and I won't see a movie with George Clooney, since the stuff with him and the charities and Bill O'Reilly (Bill was right, George was wrong, yet he continues to criticize.) These guys and gals should stick to what they do- acting and stuff.

Saturday on Comedy Central, there's a marathon of all 8 episodes of That's My Bush, in case anyone actually liked that awful show. I watched some of the episodes when it was on, and wow- what crap. I wonder when the Bill O'Reilly Biography comes on again. I should look.

Is a bowl of rice chex with bananas and 4 pieces of toast a lot of food?

February 11, 2003 (Tuesday) 8:45 A.M. CT.

I just saw a CBS report by Harry Smith on the Early Show about Iraq. The people are starving (because of Saddam), people are dying (because of Saddam), there is not enough money to buy food...and there's very little food to buy, most people have to live off government rations of food (because of Saddam), and instead of using money for the people, two new huge mosques are being built (by Saddam- named after Saddam.) When will the anti-war people get a clue and see how many people will be better off when Saddam is taken out and is buried six feet under the ground? How can the anti-war people talk about how a war would kill people, yet Saddam has killed tens of thousands of his own people, maybe more. His policy of taking the money that is supposed to go to the people and spending it on himself is digusting. He has more riches than you could imagine, yet his people die. We could go in and change that, yet many countries are trying to block such efforts along with anti-war activists who are truly ignorant of the situation as a whole. They clearly cannot reason when it comes to the trouble in Iraq. They clearly cannot see that an Iraq without a murdering madman at the top would be a better place for all. They want to keep saying it's about oil (we could have massive oil deals with Iraq- we don't), they want to say it's about revenge (revenge for what?), they want to say it's not a good idea (so, letting so many die under Hussein is a good idea?) These people make no sense, and they can't seem to find any real reason not to take this guy out. Sure, there are a number of maniacs like Hussein that need to be stopped...but come on- one at a time. We will get to them. Stop your nonstop rhetoric and give in to a good idea. Or, we could do it your way and let even more innocent people die.

Raise your hand if you're tired of me talking about Iraq. Wait...I was kidding, I don't care what you think! Ha! Comedy!

February 11, 2003 (Tuesday) 7:50 A.M. CT.

See the Oscar nominations? You do realize this means the world is going to end soon, right? I mean...Chicago? The Lord of the Rings?! These were two of the best movies of the year? If that's the case, I think it's time to close Hollywood! Some other crap movies (Adaptation? The Hours?) getting lots of nominations. Why don't the NORMAL movies that people actually see get nominated? I don't get it. By the way, they're talking about the new Survivor- again, it's time to close Hollywood!

There was a funny thing with Kilmeade this morning on Fox and Friends. That guy is hilarious. We got to see his trip to Kuwait. He kissed the ground when he touched down in Kuwait. Nice.

February 10, 2003 (Monday) 8:00 P.M. CT.

I just saw Yanni on The O'Reilly Factor. I guess it's a slow newsday. He's cool tho, but there was really no clear reason why he was on the show. I need to see if the library has his book, Yanni In Words.

February 10, 2003 (Monday) 1:07 P.M. CT.

Has ANYONE done anything different since they raised the terror level to high or whatever it is? Does anyone even know all the levels? This alert system is pretty pointless if you ask me. A few colors on a bar, and when the level goes up, what are supposed to do? Be more vigilant, they say. Okay? And that means what? These tips they listed are silly too. Start an emergency pack with 3 days of food, flashlights, tape and plastic to cover windows and vents so chemical or biological weapons contents can't get into the house? Okay?!?! It's as tho the U.S. government never took any of this serious until September 11. Guess what? Millions of idiots worldwide hated us before that date, and they will hate us well into the future. Yet, everyone acts as tho everything is different. Like terrorism wasn't a risk before! Then, we have the government saying, go about your lives as normal, BUT- be ready, help us fight terror. Almost. There's very little the average person can do, and I think it's fair to say that most people don't even notice the so called terror level/alerts. Help the government fight terror- but, they have all this intelligence, we don't have a thing but scary alerts about "imminent" attacks.

Hear the news on the psycho Clara Harris trial? She clearly runs over her husband many times on the videotape, yet the victim's parents support her? Are they insane?! She ruthlessly murdered her husband by running him over in her Mercedes! I was watching MSNBC earlier and some lawyers were talking about they think she could get probation!! What has happened to our judicial system? It's almost as big of a joke as the UN is to international affairs!

Finally...I have lost all respect for the Dell guy (Steve- real name Ben.) He was arrested for possession of marijuana. I'm so not a fan anymore. Then again, the new Dell commercials with the stupid "interns" are some of the worst commercials ever made. They are not funny, they are not cute, they are terrible. Bring back Steve, but make sure he's pot free.

February 10, 2003 (Monday) 1:07 P.M. CT.

I was watching A Dating Story, and the people on it went to this restaurant called Pod in Philadelphia. They were seated in this silver pod thing that was mostly enclosed, with a doorway to get in and out, and an opening so you could see the other parts of the restaurant. Sort of like a big enclosed booth that wrapped around the table. They had weird drinks in cool glasses...bright blue and green and red colors...the drinks, not the glasses. Anyhow, I found these two pages that talk a bit more about the place.

Pod Page 1

Pod Page 2

The food looked nasty by the way...some sushi stuff and other asian foods. Pan Asian or something.

And, I'be mentioned this site before, but I will again. Urban Chillers. Great site with a bunch of short horror movies sent in by filmmakers and viewers of the site. They have a few really good movies.

February 10, 2003 (Monday) 11:45 A.M. CT.

Check out the nominees for the Raspberry Awards- the awards for the worst in film! So nice to see Crossroads with the talentless whore, Brit, has the most nominations, followed closely by the terrible series of films, Star Wars. Then again, I don't think anyone can convince Lucas that he truly has no talent and his movies downright suck. Plus- the hack, Jennifer Lopez is nominated for worst actress in two of her awful movies! How sweet...

February 10, 2003 (Monday) 7:52 A.M. CT.

I have added two new entries.

Also. Scary news- Iran (part of the "axis of evil") says they have found enough Uranium to enrich and use in a nuclear weapon.

Read the scary details of Micheal Jackson's abuse of children here.

And finally- everyone should check out online education (as well as free courses on a variety of subjects) at

February 10, 2003 (Monday) 7:52 A.M. CT.

I think I mentioned this before...but, I will do it again. Only black people miss Aaliyah. Well, there are no white people in that 'I Miss You' video, so...

By the way- what is National Geographic thinking? They have been getting further and further away from geography (they rarely feature geographic stories anymore), and now they have a 'swimsuit' issue.

February 8, 2003 (Saturday) 11:35 A.M. CT.

Like I said before...what is wrong with people in Hollywood? These kids are gonna be SO well adjusted.

Pacino Fights for More Access to His Twins

The Godfather star Al Pacino is entering a bitter court battle with ex- girlfriend, actress Beverly D'Angelo, in New York over their two-year-old twins. Pacino is seeking an increase in visitation or custody with the children, Olivia Rose and Anton James, according to the limited Family Court information publicly available in the legal action, which was filed last week. The case was scheduled to come before a judge yesterday, but the matter was adjourned to February 24, according to showbiz website Page Six. D'Angelo conceived the twins through in vitro fertilization when she was 46 and Pacino was 60.

February 8, 2003 (Saturday) 8:10 A.M. CT.

The Tale of a Crazy Woman

Here is a post that insane girl posted on January 29, 2003- as you can see, the entire entry is addressed to me and our discussion on the topic of Iraq. Yes...she posts entire entries to me, and is constantly addressing me in her comments hosted at freelog, yet I'm "stalking" her. Hilarious!

By the way, you can find this post and all of her other posts at:

MJ's Post:

no war

20 Comments - Post a Comment Wed 1-29-03 1:59 pm
Josh is upset I am not responding to his every word... just this once... he thinks this war is all about facts.. 'they did this thus war' whatever... even if we had the right to go to war does that mean we should...

"we're not gonna drop the bomb on iraq. get real." and they are not going to on us, they don't have that capibility
"you're using the same tactics the idiot peace groups are using. distorting the facts. it's useless and stupid. you'll keep up the nonsense forever, because you hate bush- no other reason." Yeah, all of us peace supporters are just doing it because we hate bush, there is no other reason to not go to war.
"no one said they had nuclear weapons. they MIGHT be developing them still. they WERE, and we know that for a fact. hussein doesn't have to have nuclear weapons to be a threat to us or any number of our allies." Now you sound like bush and co., fact is there needs to be a clear and present danger to declare war and we are just trying to find a reason because bush has another agenda other than protecting america.
"you need to beef up on the subject of world politics. you keep acting like this is no problem at all. you're one of those people that will complain that we're not with the UN, yet the UN keeps backtracking and taking back its promises, tho you'll never speak of that issue. what we're not complying with? lol. i forgot we were under UN mandate to disarm. thank god we have weapons of mass destruction. if we didn't, do you realize the danger we would all be in?" I think Saddam comes out and waves his saber when america needs a good distraction, thank goodness we have weapons of mass destruction and shame on iraq for trying to protect themself.
"we don't gas our own people with chemical weapons...we don't use biological weapons on innocent people. iraq does- your attempt to compare the two shows your lack of knowledge on the issue as a whole." Sorry I forgot we are the good guy they are the bad guys ...lets kill them all because we have the right to.. they are doing something wrong and that gives us good guys the right to go to war, no matter how many innocents are lost.
"i'd really like to know HOW a possible war against iraq is for greed and vengeance. that's ridiculous." Greed - oil / vengeance - 9/11 or dessert storm
"as for that NOT being enough evidence for going to war. the UN ITSELF has said IT IS. 1441 allows for military action if there are any omissions or false statements by iraq." lets go to war because of false statements and ommisions... come on sounds like your alittle trigger happy?
"blix has said that they have indeed lied about a number of illegal weapons, and that they are not in full compliance with the resolution. you would refuse to accept a war plan no matter what hussein did. your nonstop attacks on bush are silly, and you have no real reason not to back action."
I don't see war as the answer to this, what happened to bin laden...wasn't he the terrorist we we after.. how long will we go to war with terrorism, will it be as unsuccessful as the war on drugs... violence begets violence

February 8, 2003 (Saturday) 8:00 A.M. CT.

Oh wow, people. We have total comedy here. Yes, this woman is indeed a few eggs shy of a dozen. I replied to her defamatory post, so you can read that as well. Tho, everything I said in the comment is common sense to the people here with, well- common sense. My favorite part is where she claims she cannot reply to any comments I make, as advised by her legal council. That's true comedy right there. Too bad it's legal "counsel." And to think, all I did was tell her how insane I think her left wing views are. Whew...funny stuff. Check it out when you get a chance.

Oh, by the way- check out the December Dumbass Page!

I watched Washington Journal on CSPAN yesterday with Rich Lowry (editor of National Review.) They took only callers opposed to Lowry's view (he is pro-war.) He knows his stuff. Well, I think so. I liked it. Thought I'd share.

February 6, 2003 (Thursday) 2:35 P.M. CT.

Hear about Russel Simmons and his proposed boycott of Pepsi for getting rid of Ludacris for their ad campaign? Pepsi fired Ludacris due to a number of complaints, and due to reports done by Bill O'Reilly of the Fox News Channel. Simmons is upset that they are now using the Osbournes in their commercials, because he says they are just as bad with the explicit language and all. I don't agree. The Osbournes are trashy, no doubt, but Ludacris is on a totally different level if you ask me. Simmons, the ass that he is, is demanding that Pepsi pay $5 million to the Ludacris Foundation (whatever that is) and to publicly apologize. I say to Simmons- shut up, you fool. You're the one that peddles this garbage! You should be ashamed of yourself. Want to see the lyrics in question? CLICK HERE.

February 6, 2003 (Thursday) 11:25 A.M. CT.

Okay. Weird. The phone just rang, and I let the machine get it. Call me lazy. I knew it was a business or telemarketer or something. Anyhow...the machine picks up, and I hear some lady talking in spanish (I think?) and it sounded as tho she was having a conversation with someone...then, a man's voice gets on, and I hear more spanish. Like I said...weird. How do you suppose they were gonna say hi to me!? Forget that...the talking alone was odd. Lot of really fast spanish is unusual for me.

By the way. Anyone watch the official Iraq spokesman today? He replied to what Colin Powell told the security council yesterday. He claimed it was all lies (of course- Iraq always gets caught lying, then turns it around, and claims everyone is lying.) He took a "quote" from Blix and said that Blix said something that wasn't true. He then stated the "quote." then he said- well, it was something LIKE that, I do not know exactly what he said. Funny, huh? Iraq writes up an official response to what Powell said, yet they can't even get the exact quote from Blix, in which they claim he lied on them? How can ANYONE with a brain believe ANYTHING these monsters say?

Anyone see Syria's UN ambassador speak yesterday? You know he's full of crap, because he started talking about how Israel has the same weapons Iraq is accused of having (he neglects to mention Israel doesn't attack innocent people!) and that Israel is occupying the Palestinan's country. There is no country of Palestine. It's Israel. Once again- it's like Mexico demanding Texas and other areas they used to control back. It's like the spanish demanding control of south's like Russia (the USSR) deciding they didn't want to sell Alaska, and they want it back. It's Israel. They control land they won in a war. The murdering Palestinans do not deserve a thing. I personally support any use of force that Israel must take to defend themselves from this group of maniacs. Do not let anyone deceive you- the Palestians, as a whole, are, indeed, maniacs with no right to any of that land. When the Syrian guy started talking about that, you knew he was talking nonsense altogether. Then again- it's Syria! You can hardly trust anything they say.

February 6, 2003 (Thursday) 10:25 A.M. CT.

I have said it before, I will say it again- NASA is, in general, a waste of money and a waste of time. We need to stop manned space flight, until we actually have a true goal. Reaching the moon was a good one, but now- we have nothing besides the pointless space station. No matter how small NASA's budget is, we could use the money for better projects.

Read more-

February 6, 2003 (Thursday) 8:45 A.M. CT.

Funniest thing I keep hearing in regards to the Iraq situation: We (Iraq) cannot allow U2 flights for inspectors, because we cannot assure the safety of the planes while jets are patrolling the no-fly zone. Okay...I guess the Iraqis think the UN jets patrolling the no-fly zone while shoot down the UN U2? That's odd. all of you staunch anti-war people, tell me HOW Iraq is cooperating. Please, give me some insight here. What? You can't? Didn't think so.

I just heard Blix say, again, that he thinks that the Iraqis are hiding material and still not cooperating...and that he doesn't think they will start doing so. Once again- how do inspections work when the Iraqis won't comply, hide materials, lie, withhold information, etc...when the head inspectors have lost all confidence. Once more- to the anti-war people. HOW do you supposed we make a regime change in Iraq (which is the only reasonable option at this point) without military action? Do you think Hussein will suddenly turn over a new leaf and leave power voluntarily? Do you think all his henchmen will suddenly do the same thing? No. Tell me what other option there is...and diplomacy has NOT worked. There is no option left besides a military one.

On a lighter note, I highly recommend the movie, The Tao of Steve. Plus, haloscan is still screwing up...comments are disappearing every now and then. If anyone knows any easy to use comments I can host myself (without needing PHP), e mail me...please!

February 5, 2003 (Wednesday) 2:15 P.M. CT.

Transcript of Powell's speech to UN today


February 5, 2003 (Wednesday) 2:05 P.M. CT.

Am I the only one who is sick and tired of the commercials for the NBC series American Dreams? They have the guy with the low voice...sounding all serious...talking about how the next episode is a must will change your life, it will change the life of the characters, it will change the world! Okay, it's not that bad, but it's close. Don't miss the next all new American Dreams where the girl's boyfriend breaks up with her and life changes for everyone in the show...don't miss the most important episode of the year. Hey- it's a tv show...get real. Is this show more drama or comedy? Can they make up their mind. It's like the ads for Boston Public- one week, we get comedy, the next we get pretentious drama. Next Boston Public, the teacher will deal with funny stuff- yet, the next week, it's- this week, the teacher will deal with a school shooting, an affair with a teacher, a death of a teacher, and a protest by the students. Get over it! These shows think way too highly of themselves.
By the way...notes on Powell's speech later...not to mention the nonsense replies by Iraq. It was all lies, they claim. Shocking, huh? Who knew Iraq would claim it was all lies? Psh.
Haloscan isn't working today...I am going to try to install cgi comments on my site, so they won't be down ever.



February 2, 2003 (Sunday) 9:40 A.M. CT.

I was watching the special features on the Final Fantasy DVD I got from the library, and it kept skipping. I had the same problem with two other DVD's. I take the utmost care of all my DVD's- making sure not to touch the surface or drop them, or lay them down anywhere...but, it seems people who check stuff out that isn't theirs treat the discs horribly. I wonder how this will affect the library's ability to keep discs around that can actually be watched years after they purchase them. It's too bad people can't be more careful with them.

My back hurts. Who cares...raise your hand.


February 1, 2003 (Satuday) 9:35 A.M. CT.

Space shuttle Columbia explodes over Texas enroute for landing.

columbia explodes over texas


February 1, 2003 (Satuday) 8:00 A.M. CT.

Anyone watch that show Made on MTV? I'm surprised that a halfway decent show could ever air on that network full of drunk college kid programming, but that show is pretty good. Well, I won't be watching some girl try to become a model today, but the kid who wanted to make the varsity basketball team was cool. Nice to see how he and his private coach become pretty good friends at the end of it all. The kid had a really bad attitude towards authority and a terrible worth ethic to go along with that, but that eventually changed with the help of his coach and some internal struggle (atleast it seemed like some of that went on, but I can't see inside of him, so maybe I could always be wrong.) He made the team- sorry for ruining it for everybody! Like they would even air the show if he wasn't gonna make I guess I didn't ruin anything. Pretty cool. I want a private coach dammit. Not for basketball tho.

Coming soon- the review for the movie, The Vanishing (the original), and I am going to add a review for Peeping Tom, which I forgot to add before.

By the way- I cannot believe they cancelled Queen's Supreme. It only aired 3 episodes. I have them all on tape, thankfully. Now, I need to work on getting the other Oliver Platt series on tape, Deadline. Oliver Platt is probably my favorite actor by the way. He was in a really good movie called The Infiltrator about a jewish journalist who infiltrates a group of nazis in Germany. Check it out if you get the chance.


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July 18, 2002
July 14, 2002
July 12, 2002
July 11, 2002
July 10, 2002
July 9, 2002

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